Who You Need for Sparkling Holiday Conversation

It was the ultimate parental shaming.

Bored at a Thanksgiving several years ago, my son decided to video the torpid pace of our holiday conversation. No one comes out particularly well in this video.

It was after that Thanksgiving that I decided to expand my invitation list to beyond the usual suspects. That Christmas, I invited a favorite cousin who kept the conversation flowing and sarcastic renditions of our celebrations off YouTube. But it wasn’t until I started including recent asylees from around the world that our holiday celebrations really started sparkling!

Here’s a short video of our 2018 Thanksgiving. We had a spirited discussion about the experiences of African Asylees and African Americans in the US. Lively talk that ended up in hugs and gratitude for being able to share different perspectives. In past Christmases, we all donned Santa hats and danced to Davido.

Looking at the snaps from last Christmas, I can hardly wait for this Christmas!