Dorothy Standing

This blog aims to move the lives of Boomer Women out of the shadows and into the limelight. Women “of a certain age,” are expected to fade into the woodwork, after our “productive years” of childbearing are done. Men get to have a longer shelf life. Screw that!

Any storyteller knows that all the good stuff happens in the 3rd act! In literature, during the 3rd act, the story becomes more intense, and all the dramatic questions are resolved. The protagonist emerges with a new sense of possibility. So, I’m jumping into my 3rdact with both feet and an open heart.

I don’t expect my next 30 years (I am an optimist) to wrap everything up neat and tidy like the 3rd act of a play. In fact, I’m questioning things now more than ever before. I’m exploring new passions: photography, storytelling, social justice, and spirituality. I’m also putting a greater emphasis on maintaining and creating friendships. To this last point, I also hope not just to talk about myself but also feature some of the fabulous women I am proud to call friends.

The second act is where all the crunchy stuff happens. During this time, I went through what I like to call a mid-life growth spurt. I got some important separation between my work and myself. Like any heroine enmeshed in her second act, people were there to help me along my journey. Specifically, friends I met at a very progressive, social justice focused church and my fellow volunteers at First Friends of NJ & NY, an immigrant support organization. These people blew open the doors of my very narrow worldview. Figuratively and literally, as I visited places I would never go on my own, like Haiti, Sierra Leone and even jail.

I enter my third act as a married woman with two grown children and two ancient pets. After a long career in healthcare marketing working for Pfizer, Saatchi and opening my own agency, I’ve opened up a strategic storytelling consultancy for purpose-driven organizations. During the Pandemic, I got a certificate in multimedia storytelling and devote a lot of my waking hours to improving my craft, particularly photography. I am passionate about the rights of immigrants and stumbling my way towards being an anti-racist. I continue to be a church goer, building an ever-expansive personal spirituality. To me religion is all about the questions rather than a set of rigid answers to center my life around.

So, I hope you like the MyThirdActs blog. Please drop me a line with your ideas and suggestions.